In 1982, Tom Drozdowski was working at the family meat market in Whittier, California, when he began his vision of making an all-natural sausage product line. He had noticed that no one was making a fresh Italian sausage with only the freshest ingredients and no additives or fillers. He began small, making Italian and Breakfast sausage. Soon, word spread of this great tasting sausage and local restaurateurs began asking Tom to make this special blended sausage for their own restaurants.





In 1984, Tom opened T & J Sausage Kitchen in Santa Fe Springs and again, the word spread about this small independent sausage maker and his commitment to quality and his customers. He would blend specialized items to fit their needs or menus and he continued to be committed to quality and purity in his sausage line. Fittingly, the company that started by a simple notion, became what is now a national company that sells to thousands of retailers and restaurants across the United States with the products that made them famous.



T & J Sausage Kitchen, now in Anaheim, California since 1992, is still owned and operated by Tom and his commitment to produce all of his products with only the finest and freshest ingredients and spices are still implemented every day. No MSG, preservatives, additives, fillers nitrites or nitrates will be in any of the fresh sausage manufactured daily at his plants. He still customizes special orders for clients and prides his company, T & J Sausage Kitchen, on the willingness to expand to new concepts and product lines and the ability to grow with demands of an ever-changing climate and clientele. With this growth and further expansion and development in mind, Tom has created a state of the art facility that has been showcased and recognized through the USDA and is fully environmentally controlled and supervised with H.A.C.C.P. trained personnel and an in-house lab testing facility to ensure quality, consistency and uniformity.